The Story Behind the Business Park

“Wolf Creek Park will establish a new standard for growth and development that provides greater lifestyle choices and helps to preserve the unique natural and scenic resources of the area.” - Wolf Creek Park Master Plan, 2006

In 2006, Fayette County’s economic redevelopment organization, the Urban Renewal Authority (FCURA), purchased Wolf Creek Park (WCP), a 1,064 acre site between Fayetteville and Oak Hill, to develop a mixed-use residential and commercial project unparalleled in the State of West Virginia.

The property was seen as an opportunity for Fayette County to address many of the area’s immediate needs and serve as a model of sustainable development for the State. A “live, learn, work, play” community, the WCP vision emphasizes environmental stewardship, quality housing, and business innovation.

A key aspect of the ambitious project is that the FCURA rezoned the site as a Planned Unit Development (PUD), which allows the County and developers more flexibility to negotiate land use terms instead of being restricted by conventional zoning. This will help attract like-minded developers that share the entrepreneurial spirit and lively outdoor character that embody the New River Gorge region. Fayette County is a unique place, and WCP should be too.


WCP’s Master Plan (2006) identified three main goals to address in Fayette County:

  • Community needs. A direct response to a lack of both industrial capacity and diversified housing options in the County.
  • Growth management. The dissatisfaction with the low-grade commercial sprawl along the US Route 19 Corridor.
  • Leverage assets. The desire to capitalize on the area’s cultural heritage, natural beauty, and outdoor recreation assets through sustainable development.


Since the property’s purchase, 7 parcels have been sold to local, state, and national businesses that have brought jobs and employees to the region. We plan on selling more parcels to develop the economic landscape of Fayette County as well as the park itself. Wolf Creek Park is destined to be a hub of economic innovation and community driven developers and business owners.


Recreation in the park is a priority to emphasize the Play aspect of our mission.

The New River Gorge Trail Alliance and dedicated volunteers are working to develop 16 miles of trails for biking and hiking. Currently these trails have been cleared but not laid in for use. The landscape through Wolf Creek Park can offer additional trail miles making this system a sought after destination.

  • Visit the Recreation page for trail maps and information about the next trail work volunteer pot-luck.


Home to a preserved bird sanctuary, Wolf Creek Park is the host site for the annual New River Birding & Nature Festival. Year round, the public can access a boardwalk that takes you to a covered pavilion where you can look out over a crucial stopover habitat for species such as Golden-winged, Blue-winged, and Swainson’s Warbler, as well as the Scarlet Tanager. At the festival, you will be introduced to over 100 bird varieties that make the New River Gorge region their home for at least part of the year.

  • Visit the Recreation page for a map to take you to this boardwalk and covered pavilion.


The New River Gorge Regional Development Authority, the Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority, and the Fayette County Resource Coordinator’s Office all play a role in the successful development of Wolf Creek Park.