Recreate at Wolf Creek Park

Fayette County embodies the state’s motto, “Wild and Wonderful,” with the wide variety of outdoor activities available. At Wolf Creek Park, you can experience the only bird sanctuary in the region. Wolf Creek runs right through the park providing a variety of wildlife viewing and photography opportunities.

Fayette County is the home of the New River Gorge National River and Gauley River National Recreation Area. Both canyons offer world class rock climbing, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, hiking, and fishing. These resources offer a lifetime of education, activities and adventure right in our back door.

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Wolf Creek Park has one particular recreational opportunity found no where else in the region…

New River Birding & Nature Center

With a gorgeous view in any season, this gem of a spot drips with migrating birds and overflows with plant and wild life. Since 2008, the Birding & Nature Center serves as an environmental education hub for residents, businesses, and visitors from across and beyond West Virginia. Wolf Creek Park residents and business employees benefit daily from daily visits.


Currently the Birding & Nature Center is an outdoor classroom featuring Woodland Trails and a handicapped-accessible Wetlands Boardwalk (approx 700’). The Boardwalk meanders into a unique 15-acre beaver-maintained wetland bordering Wolf Creek, allowing access to a habitat seldom experienced in WV and providing a place for first-hand exposure to the importance of wetlands and watersheds. The environmental education programs provided here serve school groups, field trips, organizations, families, and individuals through guided walks and in-depth hands-on learning about watersheds, wetland ecology, neotropical migrant and resident birds, natural history, botany and wildlife.


Each year the Center puts on the New River Birding & Nature Festival with a portion of it held at Wolf Creek Park. A friendly birding vacation for everyone, the week long event features guided birding and nature excursions, world-class speakers, the finest collection of guides, tasty food, and a back-porch atmosphere unmatched by any other birding festival.

* Info taken from the Birding & Nature Center’s Facebook Page and the New River Birding & Nature Festiva’s website. 

Wolf Creek Trails

The Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority, working with SC Resources, Fayette Trail Coalition, and hundreds of volunteers completed the first stage of trail building in October 2020.  The dedicated efforts of these groups made it possible to complete a 15+ mile stacked loop trail system in the park within a short period of time. This trail system will give biking and hiking users the opportunity to discover exciting and challenging terrain – making this a sought after destination for locals and visitors to our area.  Through this process the Fayette County Urban Renewal Authority showed their commitment to work with the community to design and build additional trails. The Fayette Trail Coalition, composed of volunteers, maintains the trails and hosts seasonal trail work days.  We urge the public to get involved and volunteer during the volunteer trail days. You can get information and dates for these events on the Fayette Trail Coalition’s Facebook page or the Fayette Trail Coalition’s Instagram account.

Wolf Creek Park has two parking lots with kiosks which have a map and courtesy rules.  In case of an emergency, call 911.

Bridge Brew Brewery, which was the first microbrewery in the county, is located in the park.  Show your support for the microbrewery by enjoying a craft beer or snack after your ride.

At this time, our neighbors, contiguous to Wolf Creek Park, have posted their property.  Please respect their wishes and any other private property owners in the park by staying on the trails.

Enjoy riding or hiking in Wolf Creek Park

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