Why Fayetteville?

West Virginia is called Almost Heaven for a reason. The landscape is intriguing, the amount of outdoor recreation is immeasurable, and the people are welcoming. Fayette County, the home of the New River Gorge, is the best representation of Almost Heaven across the state. One visit here and you will know why people come and never leave.

The Mountain State

Adventure Opportunities

Strong Community

Positive Business Climate in West Virginia

Our state has not added any new business taxes in the last 20 years. According to the Tax Foundation’s 2019 State Business Tax Climate Index, West Virginia is rated 19th nationally – better than any neighboring state.

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Prime Location

The Mountain State is within a day’s drive of 50% of the U.S. population provides strategic access to major metropolitan centers without the big city costs and inconveniences.

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Affordable Living

Cost of living in West Virginia is 14% below the national average. West Virginia residents enjoy a variety of affordable and safe housing options to meet every individual or family’s needs. We have the highest homeownership rate in the nation.

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Cost of Doing Business

West Virginia’s cost of doing business is among the lowest in the country. The state ranked 11th in CNBC’s America’s Top States for Business 2018 for cost of doing business. Businesses are not the only ones that flourish thanks to West Virginia’s affordability. When you do business in West Virginia, the distribution, energy and human capital savings create a competitive edge compared to companies in surrounding areas.

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Outdoor Activities for the Whole Family

All four seasons offer ample outdoor recreational opportunities. Residents and visitors alike can enjoy hiking, biking, rock climbing, fishing, hunting, golfing, skiing, boating and so much more.

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West Virginia Workforce Training & Programs

West Virginia gives businesses and their employees an advantage through renowned, specialized workforce education and training programs. Fayette County attracts a unique group of workers, who have moved to Fayette County to climb, bike, and run rivers. Most of the outdoor enthusiasts are college educated and willing to work hard; a perfect work force.

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Dining and Entertainment

Fayetteville, for it’s size, has plenty of unique dining and entertainment options. There are two microbreweries, 5 restaurants and 3 pubs in Fayetteville, several small adventure resorts with restaurants bars and live music and a small conference center just across the river.

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Local Happenings

Throughout the year, Fayette County hosts events large and small - music festivals, climbing conferences, historic tributes, trivia nights and karaoke at local establishments, art shows, music concerts, and more. Check out the local events calendar to find out what's happening now.

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Local Food

Fayette County and the surrounding region offer a wide variety of locally grown and produced food. Each year more farmers move into the region and the infrastructure for distribution continues to grow.

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